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Android Oyun Club's Dude Theft Wars: A Physics Based Action Game with Ragdoll Effects

Hi!The previous version, that i downloaded from here, killed my Huawei mate 20 lite phone. I played circa 20 minutes, and suddenly the screen started blinking, and the phone become hotter and hotter. It become unrepairable. The screen does not accept my taps. The restart and off-on does not worked. I spent half day to type my screencode to unlock the phone, and connect to a computer to save my data from it.So i am afraid to download......I downloaded from here a tons of games, and those games are running fine. But the dude theft wars killed my phone./sorry for my bad english/

Hocam selamın aleyküm hocam ben tıklıyom ama dude theft wars mod apk diyo ama hocam tıklıyorum inmiyor bidaha tıklıyorum inmiyo Dude Theft Auto indirmek istiyorum bana dude theft wars v0.9.0.4c ye atıyo indiriyorum onu ama uygulama yüklenmesi diyor hocam neyse bn

android oyun club dude theft wars



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