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Epson Reset Nx530 Fixed

I just wanted to help anyone that might be having trouble and none of the other tries have worked. Then you might try what I did. As a last resort....I have a All-In-One Epson printer. Turn printer off and while it's off...Hold down the "black and white" print button, the "color" print button and the "Stop/Reset" button all at the same time, while holding all 3 buttons down, turn on the power button to turn the printer on. As I turned the power button on...I quickly released all 4 buttons at the same time! The printer started sounding normal again at start up. I then did the head and nozzle and alignment and it seems to be working great agin! Kinda like a soft reset. Hope this helps anyone! :-)

Epson Reset Nx530

I have a rather old printer. Epson Stylus Photo R380. After trying a lot of different options, when nothing else worked including calling Epson. I turned everything off & unplugged it. I opened up the top of the printer and gently pushed the color cartridge away to the other side and back again. Plugged everything back in, etc & when I turned it on, I suppose it reset the mechanics of it. PHEWWW!!

Link your Epson printer to your computer via the USB printer cable (Type A/B printer cable). During an Epson firmware printer reset, a USB connection is needed regardless if your printer and computer are already connected through the Wi-Fi network.

Hello David! The reset instructions for your Epson WorkForce 600 can be found on the Epson website. You might want to check that out. Or, you can also try this one, -epson-workforce-600-incompatible-ink-cartridges-error.html. I hope this helps!


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