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STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 V20.07.11.90 License [VERIFIED]

with the launch of the new model, the v8i series licenses can be purchased either individually or bundled with other applications through our subsidiary, virtuosity. depending on your license type and subscription plan, the cost will vary per region. as an example, a advanced license for the u.s. can be purchased in the same way as an individual license through virtuosity and will cost $4,123 usd.

STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 v20.07.11.90 license

this release is being made available for immediate implementation and is supported with a two-year support agreement. as a virtuosity authorized partner, we can assist with implementation, training and support.

a software license is generally for a single user, however, if you would like to share your license with your team or other users, you can purchase a pack license. if your work process is complex, we recommend the architect pack license for greater efficiency. for a more detailed description of the individual licenses, please contact us.

if you are licensed for a perpetual, per-machine or per-user license, you will be able to continue to use the same license across all your machines or users. however, if you would like to share your license with other users, you will need to purchase a pack license.

one customer who uses twenty-four licenses at the same time complained that he uses a whopping 20 per cent of all licenses in a month on one day. so, what is being used in the calculation? is it the peak usage for a given day, or the sum of peak usage for all days? if it is the sum, then the peak usage is being used for billing purposes, even if it was only used for one day. is that what bentley thinks?


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