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Where Can I Buy Vegan Cottage Cheese !!LINK!!

Vegan cottage cheese that tastes just like the one you used to eat, but without the dairy! Only 4 ingredients, 1 bowl, and 5 minutes to make a batch. It's creamy, rich in plant-based protein, naturally gluten-free and oil-free, and can be used any way you would use dairy cottage cheese. Enjoy it sweet or savory, hot or cold!

where can i buy vegan cottage cheese


Recently I was testing this Vegan Crockpot Lasagna, and the first time I whipped up the vegan ricotta for it, I couldn't believe how much it tasted like cottage cheese!

On that note, packaged Miyoko's cottage cheese is set to hit stores in 2023. I'm sure I'll try it at least once. But honestly, this recipe is so easy and delicious I don't really see myself needing a store-bought option.

Dinner - use vegan cottage cheese in hot dishes like you would ricotta. Think stuffed shells, lasagna, pizza, and dolloped on top of pasta. It's also a great substitute for sour cream.

BUT! If you want something similarly creamy that can be used in sweet or savory dishes, check out this Almond Ricotta. It's just as easy and versatile as vegan cottage cheese!

I had low expectations from previous recipes I've tried. I had not found a sufficient replacement of real cottage cheese since going vegan for years. I had fruit in the fridge that needed to be used in the next two days. This recipe is actually amazing. Super easy to do, only 5 ingredients. Went with my fruit beautifully for breakfast today. Highly recommend. I used extra firm tofu, almond yogurt plain, used a full tsp of salt, with the 1 TBL lemon juice, and half tsp of garlic salt. Tummy is happy and taste buds are singing. I will add to salads and if daring will try a lasagna recipe with it.

I hope you get this message. I have a wonderful Polish recipe for Christmas Eve that I miss eating. It uses Large curd cottage cheese (or Pot cheese) and eggs (which I have had luck using egg for another recipe), sugar & flour to make a batter that is then dropped into boiling water for dumplings, then fried. Its called Lazy Pierogi (Leniwe)I am wondering how this cottage cheese recipe would hold up when mixed with the other ingredients. the trick is to not overmix and break up the curds too much. Its a wonderfully sweet slightly savory pierogi.

Hi Elicia,That sounds like a wonderful recipe, and I love that you want to make it vegan. I just looked up a few recipes for Leniwe pierogi to get an idea how much of each ingredient is used. Yes, since flour binds the ingredients, I do think this cottage cheese will work! It sounds like the dairy cheese is primarily for moisture, consistency and flavor. The only concern I have is whether the tofu will add too much liquid, but you could offset that with flour. Also, there isn't flavor *inside* the tofu - the cottage cheese flavor comes from the additions. So you will probably want the "curds" smaller than in the original. I'm so intrigued by this recipe. Let us know if you give it a try!

This recipe is fantastic! It tastes JUST like cottage cheese ! I added chive sice I really used to enjoy that and it was delicious! Plus could not have been any easier to make . I will be coming back to this one regularly !

Hi, I'm Lori. Welcome to My Quiet Kitchen where I share easy vegan recipes with a healthier twist. Many are special diet-friendly or easily adapted. I also have a passion for veganizing classic desserts, and sometimes even those get a healthy-ish makeover.

I used to love cottage cheese in my pre-vegan days. Of course, I have a lifelong passion for anything creamy so this should not come as a surprise. I used to serve it with chunks of cheese and some ranch dressing drizzled over the top. I thought those days were over, but thanks to this plant-based cottage cheese recipe, my favorite healthy comfort food is back!

Serve this dairy-free cottage cheese with some tasty toppings. Or use it as a topping for other tasty dishes such as salads or Veggie Spring Rolls. Here are some favorites that pair perfectly with it:

Thanks for joining the good culture family! You are now signed up to receive our newsletter and special offers. Look at you - all smart and health conscious and eco-savvy. You're going to fit right in as a good culture family member.We are so thankful to have you on the team and look forward to your feedback and support as we strive to make the best cottage cheese in the world. Yeah, that's right, THE WORLD. good culture is cottage cheese, but better.

Calling all vegan foodies! Are you on the hunt for a plant-based recipe that's creamy, tangy, and versatile? Then, you have to try this vegan cottage cheese recipe! Trust me, it's the perfect dairy-free substitute that's easy to make and will blow your taste buds away!

Besides soaking the cashews, you only need 15 minutes to prepare this vegan cottage cheese. Simply blend all ingredients for the creamy mixture, then mix it with crumbled tofu, and season everything to taste. You could eat this vegan cottage cheese directly as it is, but I actually preferred it the next day as this allows the plant-based cottage cheese to get an even better taste and consistency.

Crumble tofu with your hands and add it to a bowl. Add the blended cashew mixture little by little, and stir to combine. If you like the texture already before, you may not need all of the cashew mix. If you prefer the cottage cheese to be creamier, add some more plant-based yogurt. Season cottage cheese to taste again.

This vegan cottage cheese only takes a few minutes. I do have to add though that this by now means will fool someone into thinking that they are actually eating cottage cheese. In the same way that vegan cheesecakes don't taste exactly like a cheesecake made with dairy. That doesn't imply that it doesn't taste good, it does, but in it's own unique vegan way.

I didn't use nearly as much fresh herbs in these pictures as I actually like adding. Otherwise, you wouldn't have actually gotten to see the vegan cottage cheese. That would have been a shame :/

I can not wait to try this!! I used to love cottage cheese. I liked making a parfait with cottage cheese, fresh strawberries, cinnamon, drizzle of maple syrup and crushed walnuts. YUM! This is amazing, Vanessa!

Growing up, we always put it in soup - it helped cool the soup down a little and added creaminess. My mom and I also enjoyed peanut butter and cottage cheese sandwiches - but everyone else thought that was just weird! :)

Hi, I've jotted down that I need to think of a way to make a soy-less vegan cottage cheese recipe. It will take some experimenting and playing around but I'll be sure to let you know when I've come up with a great version ;)

Made for my daughter who had to go vegan after weight loss surgery complications. She asks for macaroni and cottage cheese for her birthday every year and really missed it. She said it is very good and is so tickled to find this recipe.Thank you!!

I went to a site called lovingitvegan and saw his version of cottage cheese without tofu. They don't prefer it with soy but can add for texture if preferred. Just throwing this out there for those who don't want tofu. I like this recipe of yours Vanessa. I'll try both.Thank you for making it!

Crumble in tofu: Crumble the tofu into the bowl in cottage cheese curd sized pieces. Stir to combine and adjust any seasonings if needed. If your yogurt is less tangy, add more lemon. If it lacks flavor, another pinch of salt.

I like the recipe a lot - I added freshly ground black pepper, cayenne and something else - splash of acv maybe? (I obviously like high flavor) the texture is very true. great fake for someone like me who always loved cottage cheese but gave it up many years (decades?) ago.

I follow a non-dairy non-soy keto way of eating and was feeling nostalgic about cottage cheese so I was thrilled to find this game changing recipe! Instead of tofu I used Pumfu by Foodies Vegan (contains only pumpkin seeds and water) and man, did it hit all the right spots. I played around with the yogurt/Pumfu ratio to get the desired texture. And, since I like my cottage cheese sweet I mixed in stevia and sprinkled with cinnamon and mesquite. Wow! ?

I always used to love cottage cheese and I only just found a good vegan alternative. Most vegan recipes use silken tofu, but I much prefer this version with regular firm tofu and unsweetened soy yogurt. It is has exactly the right texture and a lovely slightly savory, salty and sour flavor. It is also quite cheap and super quick to make!

This vegan cottage cheese is very high in protein and low in carbs. I like to eat it on crackers, in lettuce wraps, as a dip with some veggies, or just with a spoon! It's also great in casseroles. Anything you can do with cow's milk cottage cheese, you can do with this recipe.

Crumble up the tofu with your hands, so it resembles the texture of cottage cheese with smaller and larger pieces. Wrap the crumbles in a clean tea towel or cheesecloth and squeeze the excess liquid uit of it.

In a bowl, mix the tofu with the soy yogurt, salt, nutritional yeast and lemon juice. Store in the fridge to marinate. You can eat it right away, but it will taste better the next day. The cottage cheese will keep in the fridge for at least five days.

I have missed cottage cheese and tomato salads since going vegan and you have restored my love for my salad with this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly. It tastes just like cottage cheese. Thank you

This is an excellent recipe! The taste was spot-on. However, I thought it came out much to dry--more like ricotta than cottage cheese. I'm going to try making the recipe again, but this time only put in half the amount of tofu. Thank you!

I finally got around to remaking this, and I think I've got it perfect! I used only 200 g of firm tofu to 2 (5.3 oz) containers of yogurt. Then I tripled everything else--3/4 tsp of salt, 3 Tbl of nutritional yeast, and 3 tsp of lemon juice. It turned out creamy and delicious--just like real cottage cheese. Thank you again! 041b061a72


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