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Knuckle City 'LINK'

Wrapping the whole thing up with a nod to American blaxploitation films, Qubeka has offered us a humorous and high-octane mirror of our society where the young men leaving the cinema will feel even more empowered to revel in their toxicity towards women in the rape capital of the world.

Knuckle City

From 1990 through 1993, during the David N. Dinkins mayoral administration, he was Commissioner of the New York City Department of General Services. From 1987 through 1990, Mr. Knuckles served as Deputy Bronx Borough President during the first term of former Borough President Fernando Ferrer. He has also served as an Assistant Housing Commissioner, as well as legal counsel to several city agencies.

Hammerlocke was one of the main settings of the Sword and Shield arc, first appearing in Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!, as a burst of Galar particles escaped from the Energy Plant. The same happened again in the following episode, prompting Leon to investigate Rose's actions. In Sword and Shield: "From Here to Eternatus!", Eternatus escaped from the Energy Plant and started the Darkest Day. While Leon engaged Eternatus above the Hammerlocke Stadium and Ash battled Rose at the Stadium battlefield, Sonia and Goh arrived in the city and busted through the barrier of Macro Cosmos employees guarding the Stadium entrance. As Goh entered the Stadium and started battling Oleana, Sonia was joined by Raihan, who easily defeated the Macro Cosmos employees, before heading off to deal with rampaging Dynamax Pokémon.

In Rising!! Opal of Ballonlea, Bede was in Hammerlocke after Chairman Rose had revoked his Gym Challenger status, receiving a letter sent for him by Opal just as a big quake shook the city. In PASS17, Raihan managed to convince Leon into focusing his attention on protecting the civilians while he investigated what had happened, sneaking into the Energy Plant. He was soon found out by Chairman Rose, who explained the quake away as a failed experiment, although Raihan didn't buy it.

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"Onychectomy, commonly known as declawing, is the practice of amputating a cat's first paw joints, including the claw at the first knuckle," said Mirisch, the councilman who introduced the measure. "Indeed, I find this practice to be a prima facie instance of animal cruelty, and I don't need Big Brother in Sacramento or a veterinary board to tell me otherwise."

AARON BROWN: New Yorkers are handling the blackout the same way they handle every crisis, with their famous New York mix of bravado and aplomb. New Yorkers respond to everything with a mere shrug of the shoulders, and that's certainly the case today. No city in the world is better equipped to handle this blackout than the Big Apple. For more details, we go to CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer in mid-town Manhattan.

WOLF BLITZER: Aaron, I'm outside Central Park where New Yorkers are coping through the blackout with their well-known élan and selflessness. With no electricity to run their refrigerators, restaurant owners are simply emptying their freezers and feeding the people on the street. Cab drivers, whose multi-lingual skills are helping them reassure citizens, have turned off their meters and are driving workers to their suburban homes for free. And because elevators aren't working, doormen are personally carrying residents up the stairs to their apartments.

BLITZER: Well, you shouldn't blame them too much. Other cities simply haven't had the experience at crisis management that New York has. Compared to the last major tragedy to hit the city -- the Mets' trade for Mo Vaughn -- this blackout is just a walk in the park. Other cities simply aren't experienced in this sort of thing the way we are. They don't have the leadership of Mayor Bloomberg or former Mayor Giuiliani or Rev. Al Sharpton. And they don't have athletes for role models the way we do. They don't have a gentleman like Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey showing them the way to behave in a crisis.

BROWN: Wolf, it is a shame that Shockey can't get any publicity so people outside New York can learn about what a great player he is. Do you think he can lead the Giants back to the Super Bowl?

While there was rioting in other cities, New Yorkers remained calm and collected during the outage.Wait a minute ... It's difficult to get details from outside the city because of the antiquated tin can-and-string communications system linking the Midwest and Canada, but there are now reports -- still unconfirmed but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they turn out to be true -- that there are pockets of cannibalism in Toronto. And in one particularly disturbing report, we hear that dogs and cats are sleeping together in Toledo.

ZAHN: Yes, we know now that the culprits in this outage are those five transmission lines in northeast Ohio near Cleveland, Aaron. And I've just been handed a statement co-signed by Mayor Bloomberg and George Steinbrenner that sanctions the cities of Detroit and Cleveland for sponging off the power grid that rightfully ought to belong to New York. The city apparently is ready to move on a bid to build its own power grid and secede from the Eastern Interconnection, and it intends to send the bill for this blackout to the mayors of those midwestern towns who are clearly responsible for whatever inconvenience New York is experiencing.

BROWN: We need to sign off for the night. But before we go -- people outside the city must think it all sounds too much to believe that a city of this size could handle such an emergency without so much as a minor glitch or slowdown. Surely, there is something somewhere -- perhaps in Queens -- that isn't working perfectly.

BLITZER: That's right, Aaron. The Yankees' YES network. Even when electricity is restored, the network is saying it could take three to four weeks before people can get the Yankees games on TV again. 041b061a72


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